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    Everyone had a smile on their face at the 2019 WASZP Games! Photo by Hartas Productions

    Everyone had a smile on their face at the 2019 WASZP Games! Photo by Hartas Productions

    The 2019 WASZP Games was easily one of the best regattas ever. Held in late January 2019 from Royal Freshwater Bay Yacht Club in Perth, Western Australia, all aspects of the event were amazingly organised, flawlessly executed and the racing was exciting and intense every single day!

    Hartas Productions is proud to have been affiliated with the WASZP Class since the very first WASZP Games in 2017, and we have provided coverage for many WASZP events since then. However, the 2019 WASZP Games was one of those rare regattas where all the promises made in the lead up to the event were not only fulfilled, but exceeded. The sun was shining, the wind was blowing, and the spirit and culture of the WASZP class was stronger and more cohesive than ever.

    At the beginning of the event, the WASZP Slalom Race was held right in front of the clubhouse at Royal Freshwater Bay Yacht Club, and we provided a full blown multi-stream live production with multiple drones, live replays, on-screen graphics and commentary for this incredible day of racing.

    The Perth skyline provided a stunning backdrop to the epic racing at the 2019 WASZP Games. Photo by Hartas Productions

    The Perth skyline provided a stunning backdrop to the epic racing at the 2019 WASZP Games. Photo by Hartas Productions

    The 2019 WASZP Games ran over Australia Day, which was designated as a rest day and it was a real treat, with Royal Freshwater Bay Yacht Club providing a party yacht for the WASZP fleet to enjoy a raft up in Rocky Bay, a Perth tradition. The culture in this fleet is amazing and the tight knit community is one that is quite unbelievable given the fleet is only 2 years old!

    The overall racing that followed was intense and exciting, and unlike too many other regattas recently, the final results of the regatta weren’t decided until the boats crossed the finish line of the final race. Find out more about just how exciting this final day was by reading the report below:

    The day that promised so much delivered like few events have done before them. With only 3 points separating Rory Hunter and Tom Trotman heading into the final race the atmosphere around the boat park was amazing as the whole fleet waited for the ever reliable Fremantle Doctor to come in.

    After a postponement period of around an hour the fleet finally got away in about 12-14knots from the SW. With the starts proving so crucially important across the event the large spectator contingent had all eyes on where the contenders were starting. At the gun Trotman had a belter of a start with Hunter about 4th row and was then interfered with by a powerboat, it was an intense time however thankfully for Hunter the race was to be restarted due to a general recall.

    There was plenty of action during the 2019 WASZP Games and Hartas Productions was there to catch it all

    There was plenty of action during the 2019 WASZP Games and Hartas Productions was there to catch it all

    The second start was under a black flag however and a similar start occurred with Trotman powering off the middle of the line, he was high and it was ballsy, however he put the foot down and was going for it, Hunter was slightly more conservative and a little further back off the line not wanting to blow the entire regatta on the final start. As they worked upwind Hunter was hanging on to Trotman with a piece of string and not letting him out of his sight. This allowed New Zealander Bruce Curson through to the lead, this was a big story in itself as he was in a battle to get on the podium and looking to displace Alexander Hoghiem from Norway. Tristan Brown and Brad Devine were also having great races in 2nd and 5th only to discover they had been black flagged at the start, this would prove extremely important as the boats turned downwind for the final time with Trotman holding a slender lead over Hunter and Hogheim was back in 7th.

    The breeze was incredibly patchy down the final run and with Trotman splitting away from Hunter on the final run it looked as if the Aussie and a bunch of boats to the right were going to sail in front of Hunter anything could happen at this stage. Bruce Curson took the race win in emphatic fashion and turned his eyes to the action behind him, Pierre Leboucher enjoying the lighter conditions managed to slip inside Trotman pushing him back to 3rd and losing a valuable point on Hunter. There were then 3 boats out to the right who looked to be in puff although Hunter managed to sneak through by a matter of 10 seconds with a nervous gybe at the death.

    This meant the 2019 WASZP Games podium was finally sealed with Hunter finishing on 30pts, Trotman on 32pts and Alexander Hogheim just pipping Bruce Curson by 1pt for 3rd place.

    With 7 nations in the top 10 it was a truly special International event, in the other divisions Brad Devine claimed the masters trophy, son Tommy Devine took out the 6.9m rig, Elise Beavis is the number 1 female WASZP sailor in the world and Rory Hunter capped off an amazing event taking the U21 title as well!

    As well as the successful live video coverage of the hugely popular Slalom event, Hartas Productions also provided daily video highlights of the 2019 WASZP Games, which you can view below. Beneath the videos you can find the overall results of the regatta.


    2019 WASZP Games – Day 6

    Many regattas make big promises, but the 2019 WASZP Games exceeded everyones expectations! Drama, crashing, laughter, and an overall winner that wasn't decided until today! This regatta is one for the history books!Congratulations to Rory Hunter, Buck Hunter and Alexander Dahl Høgheim on making our podium and well done to all the competitors who came and took part!Thanks to Royal Freshwater Bay Yacht Club and all the volunteers and support staff as wellVideo by Hartas Productions

    Posted by WASZP Games on Monday, 28 January 2019


    Overall Results:

    PosSail NoBoat NameSkipper (Country)R1RR3R4R5R6R7R8R9R10R11R12Pts
    12681Chris Thomas the 2ndRory Hunter (GREAT BRITAIN)181114372734430
    22453DiversityTom Trotman (AUSTRALIA)342DNC9511922332
    32315Forward WIPAlexander Hogheim (NORWAY)523325835815641
    42248MaungauikaBruce Curson (NEW ZEALAND)9135412510159142
    51KrisztiTamas Szamody (HUNGARY)651093416552611359
    62509No NameTristan Brown (AUSTRALIA)14892211244727BFD63
    72506Bend the KneeJon Holroyd (AUSTRALIA)3131277911313911880
    82025BlitzBen Gunther (AUSTRALIA)819456UFD6921461582
    92666Forward WIPNicolai Jacobsen (HONG KONG)217118111387312181085
    102507HydrojetAaron De Longville (AUSTRALIA)12676826141361331888
    112492Charter World Yachting HolidaysJack Felsenthal (AUSTRALIA)49811201142512181711105
    1244Jazz in LockPierre Leboucher (FRANCE)114UFDBFD5192818510102112
    132490Squizzy TaylorJack Abbott (AUSTRALIA)13106484161912181687115
    142206No NameAlex Mitchell‑Barker (NEW ZEALAND)11152818127102015212225151
    152651No QuarterBrad Devine (AUSTRALIA)201515121316366241915BFD155
    162192Fire and IcePaul Fleming (AUSTRALIA)1716171024DNC9152714748156
    172144BubblesPeter Soosallu (CANADA)7720201610153725272320163
    182623Untitled UnmasteredSamuel Mackay (NEW ZEALAND)411813132322422810112021179
    192649Elises KitchenDavid Von Felten (AUSTRALIA)1612162646DNC18112326375190
    202146SwishJoshua Bull (NEW ZEALAND)23DNC1419172813163023DNC9192
    212171BarrySam Street (NEW ZEALAND)211118142227231919222536194
    222329Helly HansenHenrik Haaland (NORWAY)322823301023171422171340197
    232147StingerMattias Coutts (NEW ZEALAND)193329243514303117201216212
    242169AhtiElise Beavis (NEW ZEALAND)342626161825293020241628228
    252660No NameHugo Jarudd (SWEDEN)392033294531262614252819251
    262650Hello VeraNicolas Duchoud (SWITZERLAND)243427272132222132292622251
    272648BlueySam Gilmour (AUSTRALIA)273524391524432354303314264
    282324TBASivert Svane With (NORWAY)25DNC37423120253926153423275
    292000JasperMax Godfroy (AUSTRALIA)4023251727362117423740DNC283
    302662No NameOscar Andersson (SWEDEN)382539322615272233403047287
    312320DolphinErik Karlsen (NORWAY)4438342119123235392831BFD289
    322247No NameOscar Rorvik (NEW ZEALAND)DNCDNCDNCDNCDNC45281681912290
    332442TBALiam Seagreen (AUSTRALIA)224435153918515336392424296
    342677BandwagonAlistair Murchison (AUSTRALIA)2829362328UFD355235452117297
    352495BlueGus Ekberg (AUSTRALIA)432422252930382441364429298
    362451WinstonLachie Hughes (AUSTRALIA)302721BFDDNC17242940482937302
    372678RuthCaluum Gregor (HONG KONG)153230431429312756DNCDNC32309
    382652JuggernautGrant Alderson (AUSTRALIA)263041283437334428324726315
    392142Chicken LittleLiam Herbert (NEW ZEALAND)293143313021443643314131324
    402193Jeff VaderTom Brewer (AUSTRALIA)10221960DNC6020331133DNCDNC328
    412427RipsnorterSean Gregory (AUSTRALIA)334032BFD3835463250353233356
    422116Fri FlytRolf Flem (NORWAY)374753BFD4034374029443630374
    432493Know Your EnemyTom Devine (AUSTRALIA)454131333233414246434241379
    442456Whiskey AlphaJames Kornweibel (AUSTRALIA)423640383341343451514845391
    452647MaelMael Garnier (FRANCE)4846463636DNC484334344627396
    462163TBASam Danks (AUSTRALIA)49396022DNCDNC474637411443398
    472418Lil GRichard Schultheis (MALTA)36494737RET42395045463538414
    482195Widow MakerDon McPhee (AUSTRALIA)504845344438544938524335424
    492317YihaKaroline Brudevoll Rognlien (NORWAY)544338403743495444544539432
    502496No NameChris Charlwood (AUSTRALIA)466048DNCDNCDNC404131383834436
    512441Passing WindMick Honan (AUSTRALIA)524242354939555152505044454
    522630Frequent FlyerScott Sydney (SINGAPORE)4750494643444538534749BFD458
    532643VeszpaAdam Brett (AUSTRALIA)53454449DNCDNC524547493942465
    542125Toy MachineConrad Butler (NEW ZEALAND)575150414740504749425249466
    552108StingerCallum Richards (NEW ZEALAND)55DNC5245424656484853DNC50495
    562097BlondieHenry Davison (AUSTRALIA)51UFD5147504857DNC55555146511
    572489Willow IIJoe Pester (GREAT BRITAIN)5652DNC44484753DNC575653DNC526