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2017 WASZP Cup Norway in Lake Bygdin was filmed by Hartas Productions

2017 WASZP Cup Norway in Lake Bygdin was filmed by Hartas Productions

In September of 2017, Hartas Productions provided regatta video coverage for the 2017 WASZP Cup Norway event in the North of Norway. For the first time ever, a sailing event was held on the spectacular Lake Bygdin, about four hours drive north of Oslo, and the amazing WASZP class would have the privilege to foil across its gorgeous waters.

The WASZP Cup Norway is the the key event for the Norwegian WASZP class community and there were 20 boats who entered in this years edition, including two boats from Sweden.

Unfortunately, due to lack of wind, there was no racing on the first day of the event, but on day 2, the breeze came in and the sailors were super excited to get out and race despite the near freezing temperatures!

Sailing in waters that are only four degrees above freezing presented plenty of challenges for the skippers, as cavitation was a real issue. Cavitation is where vapour bubbles are formed and implode against the surface of the foil as it moves through the water, as a result of a decrease and subsequent increase in local pressure. Under normal sailing conditions, the WASZP foils rarely cavitate but due to the lower water temperature, the pressure changes more rapidly and unpredictably, causing the foil to experience cavitation at relatively low speeds quite frequently.

This created another challenge for the sailors of the WASZP Cup Norway to contend with but it didn’t deter the spirit of the competitors who were ecstatic to be racing against their friends in these fantastic, high-performance foiling boats!

Hartas Productions was privileged to be chosen as the official video provider for this event and we hope that everyone enjoys the footage from this incredible part of the world! Hartas Productions is looking forward to filming future iterations of the WASZP Cup Norway in the years to come, so stay tuned!

Day 2 Highlights

The video from the final day of the 2017 WASZP Cup Norway! Thank you so much to all the competitors, organisers and supporters! This was a truly amazing event and planning has already begun for the next edition of WASZP Cup Norway!Video by Hartas Productions

Posted by WASZP Norway on Sunday, 24 September 2017