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The largest sailing event along the Dutch North Sea Coast is, of course, the North Sea Regatta. Famous for the wide range of classes who compete, and the fantastic on-shore experience, sailors from almost 20 different small boat classes, combined with the numerous larger keelboats racing in the various ORC, IRC and double-handed divisions were especially excited for this year’s event.

The 2022 North Sea Regatta is the 75th anniversary of the Vuurschepen Race, which is the genesis for this famous event. Sailors from multiple nations descended upon Jachtclub Scheveningen, eager to not only have some exciting, competitive racing, but also to meet old friends, make new friends, mix and mingle with their fellow competitors in the legendary on-shore environment and race village.

The weather was as varied as ever, with the Atlantic waves creating challenging conditions for all competitors, as the three race areas got underway on Day 1. With medium winds and large, steep waves, there was plenty of action for all and the sailors were in a great mood as they headed to the live band and evening social events, with the party lasting until the small hours of the morning.

Despite a menacing forecast of heavy rain for Day 2, the reality was much less miserable, with the rain holding off until the afternoon, and lighter winds finally settling down for the racing to begin, eventually building as the day wore on.

Sailors awoke on the final day and were greeted with exceptionally strong winds, which saw the smaller boats in fleets B and C immediately released from racing, with the AP over A being signalled at around 0830 in the morning. The yachts in fleet A were postponed whilst the starting vessel ventured out to assess the situation and determine if racing was possible. However, shortly before 0930, the decision as made and the AP over A was hoisted over fleet A as well, with the North Sea Regatta for 2022 finishing earlier than expected. 

Overall, the sailors were in a fantastic mood over the whole event, and although there was not as much racing as planned, everybody still wore big smiles and enjoyed themselves thoroughly. 

Hartas Productions provided the media coverage for the 2022 North Sea Regatta, with daily video highlights and also a daily photo album being published.

Hartas Productions:

Hartas Productions is proud to have been at this event and hopes to cover an event near YOU in the near future! Feel free to reach out to us if you have a sailing event coming up and are interested in high quality media production. info@hartasproductions.com

Day 1 video: https://www.facebook.com/northsearegatta/videos/1101028084143169/

Day 2 video: https://www.facebook.com/northsearegatta/videos/318118640521259/