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    The 2018 Flying 11 National Championship was a spectacular event! Photo by Hartas Productions

    The 2018 Flying 11 National Championship was a spectacular event! Photo by Hartas Productions

    The 2018 Flying 11 National Championship was conducted by the Manly 16ft Skiff Sailing Club and it was a challenging regatta!

    With plenty of wind causing some delays to racing, the Race Officer had his work cut out to get the races in!

    A great fleet of Flying 11 competitors were racing hard on a variety of courses from windward/leeward’s to the classic ‘triangle, hot dog’ course. The lead boats had to prove themselves in a variety of conditions on the various courses so the winner truly deserved the title at the end!

    Hartas Productions was employed to film two days of racing at the 2018 Flying 11 National Championship and we enjoyed every second of it! There was plenty of action with some flying spinnaker runs, big waves and even the odd collision! Hartas Productions was there to capture it all!

    The Flying 11 is an excellent youth boat. It teaches the valuable skills needed to pursue almost every avenue of sailing. It is fast enough to give everyone a thrill and rewards good boat handling and hones the understanding of how skiffs respond to input. It also provides sailors with a great platform to develop their knowledge of upwind sailing, sail trim and tactics, and the spinnaker set up also trains sailors how to utilise symmetric spinnakers that are popular on the 420 and 470 Olympic pathway.

    There were two fleets of competitors at the Flying 11 National Championship this year; the open fleet making up the majority of the numbers but also a healthy number of boats were racing in the Green Fleet division, which was set up for those who are new to sailing or new to the class. The Green Fleet races were held in slightly more gentle conditions which allowed the sailors to have fun and gain the confidence needed to help fuel their passion for sailing and it is a fairly safe bet that almost every sailor in the Green Fleet this year will be itching to compete in the open division at the next Flying 11 National Championship in Port Stephens!

    Congratulations to all the competitors who sailing in the challenging conditions. There were high winds and big waves. It was great to see everyone out there giving it their best.

    Well done to Jake Barnanbas and Tyler Dransfield for a convincing win with some great sailing to be first over the line in 7 out of the 11 races. Thomas and Georgia Steenson pushed hard to come in 2nd with 3 race wins. They also won the Mixed and Senior team prizes.

    For full results follow this link

    Open Scratch

    11404Schmick (M16SSC)Jake Barnabas & Tyler Dransfield
    21392Gary (B16SSC)Thomas Steenson & Georgia Steenson
    31386Aeolus (M16SSC)Hugo Taranto & Sam Stodart
    41406Fanging (M16SSC)Alex Hart & Sophie Hart
    51371Playbuoy (LC12SSC)William Horin & Tomas Armitstead
    61384Don’t Worry (M16SSC)James Pinnington & Liam Karunaratne

    Open Handicap

    11399Nomad (M16SSC)Zoe Dransfield & Pearl Twomey
    21349Outrageous (LC12SSC)Lola Vickery & Connie Close
    31377Cool Running (M16SSC)Jamie Stodart & Nelson Brownbill

    All Girl

    11399Nomad (M16SSC)Zoe Dransfield & Pearl Twomey

    Junior Skipper

    11331General Lee (B16S)Darby Jones & Jamie Dobinson

    First Year Skipper

    11339Luff Me Knott (M16SSC)Hugo Darin & Max Holland

    Mixed Team

    11392Gary (B16SSC)Thomas Steenson & Georgia Steenson

    Senior Crew

    11392Gary (B16SSC)Thomas Steenson & Georgia Steenson

    Transitional Scratch

    11397The Big Apple (M16SSC)Jacob King & Zac Burkett
    21357Speedy (M16SSC)Jake Bentley & Fynn Mallon
    31347Virevolter (HHSC)Jacqueline Vanzella & Maddy Phillips

    Transitional Handicap

    11199Insane (SGSC)Indiah Bow & Isaac Bow

    Club Prize – Manly 16ft Skiff Club


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