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This Easter Weekend Hartas Productions shot for the 2019 Easter Foiling Regatta, which was held at Campione, Lake Garda, Italy.

With the sun shining, and the beautiful weather bringing everyone in good spirits – it proved to be a fantastic weekend for the Regatta, and we were excited to see the WASZP debut the new updated Hydrofoil.

There were 3 boat classes sailing the Regatta this Weekend at Univela Campeoni: The Moth, The WASZP, and The A-Class Catamaran (or the A-Cats/A-Class Cats). 


One of the most exciting and notable features of this Regatta was seeing David Hivey (GBR, 2018 European Champion) in his new Rocket Designed Moth. Sailors were very impressed with the performance delivered, while the Rocket Moth was still getting to grips with the tacks and jibes, true to it’s name it was incredibly fast in a straight line.  

It was a pleasure to see the WASZP sail it’s first proper Regatta with the updated Hydro-foil (wing-like foils mounted under the hull, lifting the hull and reducing wetted drag area). Sailors from all fleets had been keen to see the performance, and were very impressed with the delivery, a great success and a huge step forward for the WASZP.

Mischa Heemskerk did a very thorough job of defending his title as a Multiple World Champion in the A-Class and F18 Catamaran, when he won this weekends A-Class Catamarans in a clean sweep.

Overall Campione Univela did an absolutely fantastic job holding the event which was very well organised and ran smoothly throughout. Everyone had a great time and are looking forward to coming again.